What is Azerbaijan’s currency and How to spend a day with 50 Azerbaijani Manat in Baku?

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What is Azerbaijan’s currency? What is the conversion value to INR and USD? Azerbijan’s currency is called Manat or to be more specific, Azerbaijani Manat. It’s written as AZN and the symbol for Manat is ₼ . 1 AZN (Azerbaijani … Continued

What is Qatari Riyal and What can you do with 500 Qatari Riyal?

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This is how a 500 Qatari Riyal (QAR) note looks like.. We know when you have to deal with any foreign currency, it is challenging to get used to it. So we thought we should explain a few things about … Continued

10 Tips for Indians while travelling to Baku

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1.Uber AZ – Transportation is cheap in Baku as Azerbaijan is a petroleum rich country. There are a lot of public transport like Metro, Bus, Airport Shuttle etc. But the most convenient mode of transport is to use Cabs and … Continued