FAQ: Uzbekistan Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens

Answer: – Yes. Indian Citizens need a visa in advance to visit Uzbekistan.

Answer: – Uzbekistan offers e-Visa facility to Indian Citizens. One can get a Single entry, Double entry or Multiple entry e-Visa to visit Uzbekistan.  The official website to get your e-visa is https://e-visa.gov.uz/main. 

Answer – You can stay maximum 30days in Uzbekistan with your e-visa.

Answer – It takes 1-3days to receive your e-Visa after submission of your application form.

Answer: – Single Entry e-Visa costs 20 US Dollars (Approx. 1400 Indian rupees), Double Entry e-Visa costs 35 US Dollars (Approx. 2500 Indian rupees) and Multi Entry e-Visa costs 50 US Dollars (Approx. 3600 Indian Rupees). There is a small processing fee as well added on the payment page which is around 3 US Dollar.

We applied for a single entry e-Visa and per person it cost us Approx. 1600 Indian rupees in total (including the processing fee).

Answer: – There are 6 steps to complete the application process.

• Once you fill the required details in the website and submit the information by clicking Activate, you will receive an activation link to your registered email address. So add a valid email ID of yours.

• You have to click the link which is present in the email from Uzbek e-Visa to activate your application.

• Then you will have to copy the code you have received in the same email. You will have to add the code to check your status and make the payment.

• Once you make the payment, you will receive the confirmation of your payment and then within 1-3days you will receive an email suggesting your visa is finished.


When you click the link provided in this email it will take you to the e-visa website where you will have to add the Application code which you had received in the very first application Activation email from Uzbekistan e-visa website. And then you will have an option to download your e-visa.

Answer: – You will have to attach

• A scanned copy of your recent passport size photo (photo
specification is 35*45 mm and resolution should be 300 dpi). Photo format is
.jpg only. Size should not be more than 1 MB.

• A scanned copy of your passport front page (where your
picture and passport details are present). Format should be .jpg only. Size
should not be more than 1 MB.


Here’s need to know link from Uzbekistan e-visa website which suggests how your photo and passport scanned copy should look like. The photo should have 70-80% face coverage and the passport front page scanned copy should be clear.

Be Extremely Patient. Although the e-visa process looks easy, don’t get fooled by it. Uzbekistan e-Visa is one of the most difficult visa applications that we have ever encountered.

• Many a times the website does not work properly and you can’t see drop down menu items.

• Your photo and passport scanned copy should be .jpg only. This website will not accept any other format.

• Your photo specification must be 35*45 mm and resolution has to be exact 300 dpi which is the standard of ICAO. Else the site will show an error.

• The size of your flies attached should not be more than 1 MB.

• You follow all the instructions and upload the photo and scanned passport copy in the 4th Page of the application process. Sometimes it does not even accept the correct standards mentioned in the website. And sometime it will accept your files in the 4th Page and throw an error in the final submission page.

• Even we did not understand when the website accepts the information and when it’s not. We did 4 e-visas and it was all hit and trial.

• So final suggestion from our side is to follow the standards mentioned above and leave it to Internet Gods and Uzbekistan Visa website to accept your details. And please start applying e-visa as soon as you can. Although visa comes within 1-3 days, it is the submission process which takes most of your time.

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