FAQ : Azerbaijan Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens

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1. Do Indian tourists need tourist visa in advance prior to visiting Azerbaijan?

Answer- Yes

2. How can I get a tourist visa to Azerbaijan?

Answer- Azerbaijan provides e-Visa to 90+ countries. India is one of the countries in the eligible list of countries who can apply e-Visa for Azerbaijan. Indian tourists can get a tourist e-Visa by applying online.

3. How many days can I stay in Azerbaijan with a tourist e-Visa?

Answer- With a single entry e-Visa issued by ASAN Visa, tourists can stay up to 30 days in Azerbaijan. This visa is valid for 90 days from the day of being issued. You can enter Azerbaijan any time during this 90 days period and stay for maximum 30 days.

4. How many days Azerbaijan e-Visa site takes to process tourist e-Visa?

Answer- For normal e-Visa processing, visa is issued within 3 days of application. However there is an option of urgent visa process as well where you can receive the visa within 3 hours (but it is costlier).

5. Can I apply visa for more than 1 Person/Family/Group?

Answer- Yes, you can apply as an individual or you can apply visa for a family (minimum 2 to maximum 10 persons). You can also apply visa for a group (minimum 10 to maximum 300 persons).

6. What is the fee charged for tourist visa to Azerbaijan?

Answer- Visa fee for normal e-Visa for Azerbaijan is 20 US Dollars. There is an additional charge of 3 US Dollars as a service fee for processing e-Visa. So, total visa fee is 23 USD (~1600 INR).

For urgent e-Visa, the charges are higher. E-Visa fee is 20 US Dollars but the processing fee is 30 US Dollars. So in total it becomes 50 USD (~ 3550 INR).

7. Where can we apply for e-Visa to Azerbaijan?

Answer- You can apply directly at the ASAN visa site. Or you can apply through any travel/visa agency.However, the visa process is fairly simple. So we would suggest you to apply directly in the official Azerbaijan visa site.

8. How many entries does this e-Visa provide? Can I enter multiple times with this e-Visa?

Answer- The current e-Visa provided to Indian citizens for tourism purpose is a Single Entry visa. You can not get multiple entry e-Visa by applying in ASAN visa website, you have to contact Azerbaijan Embassy for that. Please read visa guide for multi-entry visa here.

However, you can apply for multiple single entry e-Visa based on your entry date to Azerbaijan.

9. Tips for applying Azerbaijan e-Visa for an Indian Tourist?

Answer: – Few tips to help you with Azerbaijan e-Visa :

Tip 1 –There are six steps while applying e-Visa for Azerbaijan. Carefully fill the form when you are filling the personal information page. Because once you fill this page and confirm, you might not be able to change any information after you move to next page. So be mindful, as any mismatch in your information filled and information in your passport might lead to rejection of your visa (you can reapply if your visa is rejected).

Tip 2 – Be mindful when you are filling your given name (first name) and surname. If your name just has a first and a last name in your passport, like JON DOE, then the process is fairly simple. But if you have a middle name or your name has multiple words then please check the guidelines in ASAN visa website. It has a document where it is very clearly explained how to fill your surname and give name in the form.

Tip 3 – Scan copy of your passport should have only the single 1st page of your passport which has your name, photo, DOB etc. The scanned copy must be very clear.Azerbaijan visa site has a clear guideline on how your scan copy should be, do check that out.

Tip 4 – In the personal information page there is a field asking complete address where you will be staying in Azerbaijan. If you are going to stay with any of your family/friends, then give their complete address. If you are staying in a hotel/hostel/BnB, then provide the name and complete address of that place.

Tip 5 – Add an active email id as you will receive a verification link on the same. You will also receive a mail once your visa related decision has been made and the visa is ready.

Tip 6 – There is another question being asked on personal information page- Have you ever visited the Nagorno-Karabakh and other regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan occupied by the Republic of Armenia since 1991 without an official permission of the Republic of Azerbaijan? Answer NO if you have not been there.

* All the visa information added here is from our own experience and it is only related to ordinary passport for Indian citizens who want to apply for a tourist visa

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