Indian Food Hunt in Doha: How we ended up with a Gem of a Restaurant

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If you have seen some of our posts, then you would know we don’t prefer to eat Indian food in other countries. Instead, we love to explore local cuisine wherever we go.

But things were a bit different on our trip to Qatar since Rosa’s Mom was with us on this trip. This was her 1st trip abroad and we knew that she will only eat Indian food, preferably veg.  So we went prepared: we did some research about Indian restaurants in Doha and we had taken some ready to make Indian food with us, just for back up.

But when you are out sightseeing, you can’t come back to your hotel for this food. You will have to find a place nearby for lunch or dinner. From our research, we knew we will be able to find Indian restaurants/food in Doha because many Indians work and stay in Doha. Also now a day in countries like UAE, QATAR you will find many global food chains and cuisines (sometimes it’s more difficult to find their local cuisine).

In any case, on the 1st day, we did manage to find an Indian restaurant nearby but the food was just ok. In my mind, I was like this trip is going to be a constant hunt for sub-standard Indian food.

On the second day, we had a plan to visit the Education City in Doha. Rosa had found an Indian restaurant called MRA Bakery which had really good reviews and luckily this restaurant was on our way to education city. So we decided to give this place a chance and BOY, ARE WE GLAD WE DID THAT!!

Most of the reviews for the restaurant suggested trying the chicken Biryani here. So on the 1st visit, we ordered biryani for us and it was extremely good. You can relate to this taste if you have had biryani in Southern parts of India. They had super yummy Veg and Non-Veg thalis as well which we tried in our next visit. Also, this restaurant specializes in Kerala food. One such dish we tried was grandma’s chicken (a creamy coconut-based chicken curry) which we absolutely fell in love with.

True to its name, this bakery has many cookies, pastries, Indian snacks stacked which you can see as soon as you enter. Lucky for us, MRA has a few other branches in Doha. During our 4 days stay in Doha, we visited 3 branches of MRA 4 times for lunch and dinner. Rosa’s mom was also happy to have some really nice Indian food in Doha. For 3 people, our bill was under 100 Qatari riyal for each meal, which is not that expensive.

So if you are visiting Doha and want to have some nice Indian food, then add MRA bakery to your itinerary.

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