What is Azerbaijan’s currency and How to spend a day with 50 Azerbaijani Manat in Baku?

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currency of Azerbaijan 50 manat

What is Azerbaijan’s currency? What is the conversion value to INR and USD?

Azerbijan’s currency is called Manat or to be more specific, Azerbaijani Manat. It’s written as AZN and the symbol for Manat is ₼ .

1 AZN (Azerbaijani Manat) is approximately 42 Indian Rupees or 0.59 US Dollars.

Have you ever seen a Chemical Compound on a currency note?

Well, neither had we until we came across this 50 Azerbaiijani Manat which has the chemical formula of Benzene on it.. We were so intrigued when we noticed this on 50 Manat. But when we thought about it, it made perfect sense! Azerbaijan is a oil and petroleum rich nation and what a clever way to showcase that on your currency!

What you can do with 50 AZN (Azerbaiijani Manat) for a day in Baku?

As of today, 50 Manat is approx $29 or Rs. 2100 INR.

Let us breakdown what you can get in Baku for 50 AZN.
Starting with Breakfast – You can have a breakfast meal in 8 Manat at McDonald or Burger King.

Transportation – In Baku if you travel in Uber and take a ride within the city, it will cost you 5 manat on an average (since oil/gas is cheap in Azerbaiijan, Uber /taxi rides are also quite inexpensive). If you are a tourist in Baku, go to Carpet Museum. This museum highlights Azerbaijan’s long standing history of carpets and has an entry fee of 15 AZN.

After this, you can visit the iconic Flame Towers of Baku by taking a Funicular ride from the Carpet Museum. The ride would cost you just 2 Manat up and down. Once you reach the top of the hill in the Funicular, you can see the Flame Towers up close (completely free of cost) and also visit upland park(also free). This park is at the top most point in Baku and has the best view of the city.

Dinner- After this day long trip, you can have dinner at a decent restaurant in Baku in 10 Manat. That will leave you with 10 Manat which you can spend on Azerbaiijani tea (Cày in Azerbaijan) or coffee or on some delicious local snacks as an after dinner treat.

So tell us how would you like to spend your day in Baku if you have 50 Manat?

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